Mayanomics: UP elections special

Oh its plainly obvious, haven’t people seen through the Maya? Well, I admit it is difficult to see through the grand conspiracy of the statues when it is all covered up. Maya, the Election Commission and the Planning Commission are all reading the same maya mantra. While one might think that they make for strange bed fellows, one must understand that this is all maya, beyond the comprehension of the ordinary hapless citizen.

The Planning commission, for its part, figured that it should never let megalomania go to waste. What better way to stimulate the bust economy than to cover up busts? They figured they’d take the economic figures several notches higher by covering up the figures both literally and metaphorically. What are these figures but Maya? And once those statues are themselves maya, they will work their maya on the figures. One Planning Commission insider said “We should use Maya’s ego massage of epic proportions to massage the economic numbers”. He continued “Only such maya mantra will magically draw back fleeing foreign investors”.

Paul Krugman, the noted Nobel prize winning economist, remarked “This is a deliciously absurd twist to neo-Keynesianism. It’s taking the proverbial digging-ditches-and- filling-it-up philosophy to greater heights by building statues and covering them up”. Statues are built to stimulate both the ego and the economy. The covering of the statues merely completes the economic cycle of egotism.

A close aide to Maya remarked “The initial plan was to fly in designer ware by glitzy high fashion designers in planes chartered solely for this purpose”. However the EC lodged its official protest, claiming that such fancy urban designer draping would violate the model code of conduct.

So it was that the Maya and elephant statues were covered with the finest handloom draperies. All this expensed generously by the Planning Commission in conjunction with the Election Commission. Exquisite zardosi and chikan work were used to delicately drape the statues in finery. The sculptures were topped with rich embroidered brocades. Large shamianas that were used to hide the hide of the elephant statues created artificial shortages for weddings and other festivities, thereby having some inflationary impact in the wedding economy. The cover-up exercise proved to be a veritable boon for local artisans and the handloom industry in general.

For Maya’s part, the rich fabrics doubly enhanced the appeal of statues adding a mystical maya-like allure to them. It now held the charm of the unseen and the irresistible pull of a game of hide and seek. Maya and the EC have woven a spell of fabric, the famed maya jaal. Hidden from view, the statues revealed more of the party’s intentions and its determination to persist with its sculpting manifesto.

Nevertheless, the statue draping exercise is the coming together of high fashion, high finance and high politics. The trifecta of highness specially designed to spin a maya jaal around the citizenry.

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One Response to Mayanomics: UP elections special

  1. lord chaos says:

    There is no STatute greater than the SToical authority of Mayawati of not STashing the iconic STatutes to obscurity, as the STatutes represent the STatus of the society whose growth has been STalled for loong…coming to the econo-comics of it…now Akhilesh Yadav hinted land containing Mayawati Statues to be converted to Hospital.. a futile exercise that will not boost the GDP( apart from the fact few doctors will be paid by the patients..there is no real production of goods and services..just a simple case of Money Circulation) though will marginally decrease unemployment…but Hospitals are the epitome of Social Security net and involve Government spending and will further widen the much feared Fiscal Deficit..widening fiscal deficit will further push the inflation up while unemployment rate will not reduce thus leveraging a pull down effect on the GDP in long run…and pushing the economy to the verge of STagflation… the counter move by Mayawati in better interest of the Country and Economy is commendable..a STalwart of sorts …Mayawati STaged a Aggressive STrategy by asking fellow BSPworkers to cover the Statues in Drape…though this will lead to high demand of drapes and fabrics and create inflation in the short run,…the same can be controlled by imports which will not devalue the rupee much due to already bulging Forex the amount of manpower involved in draping the statues (considering the number of such Statutes which is more than that of any other god or iconic mortal in the country)will reduce unemployment…inflation will be checked by tightening the money supply in the system , which the BSP Statue drapers will effectively achieve by taking ‘hafta’ from the citizenry and sucking out all the money from the system..with aggregate productivity being the same..demand for drapes being adjusted from imports…reduction in unemployment..all the while achieving the Maya of India Shining Growth STory!!!!

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