Cloud Computing

The seemingly affable young missionary reiterated well-known facts, “Like all religions, it has its trinity”. He spoke about the infrastructure that fathered the phenomenon, the many sons that redeemed us from the curse of constant updates and also spiritedly spoke about the holy platforms. All this to save souls from massive upfront investment. Not to mention how this would help our souls easily scale greater heights.

The young missionary, his head in the clouds, contended that the cloud was the answer to all prayers and the prayer for every problem. Having heard this, the earnest choir boy was on cloud nine. Come rain or snow or any other conceivable form of precipitation, the pious choir boy muttered “cloud cloud”, in all and sundry context. Others conjectured that it was advisable for everybody to loudly chant cloud platitudes, just to fit in.

Then there was the enthusiastic evangelist. His take on the issue – the small churches peddling this new religion need to scale whereas the well-established mega-churches need to become more agile to accommodate these new beliefs. “That’s where we come in and help them”, he said. His vision is anything but clouded, I thought in admiration.

Are you a believer? You ask. I was a convert long before there was a hint of drizzle. Then we met the sagacious atheist.

The sagacious atheist had a sunny disposition but when we met the sky was ominously overcast with thick grey clouds. “It’s Thin Client in a new avatar”, the atheist said. ”I‘ve seen such cult fads in different avatars in my lifetime”, he continued. As the atheist munched on his breakfast, he breezily dismissed the new religion, as easily as he dismissed the waiter.

The atheist continued – the commoners might embrace the religion but without state patronage, the new religion will not help the churches. It is the states that can make it rain cash for the churches. Dark clouds have gathered in the horizon when it comes to the question of preserving state secrets and state control. Not to speak of the question of the state’s established religion. The atheist said that he didn’t live in cloud-cuckoo land. The cloud is no rainmaker. The believers were so shaken, they seemed to cloud up. Their enthusiasm vaporized. The whole phenomenon was under a cloud of suspicion, at least rain-wise.

I for one did not worry about whether the clouds are rain-bearing.  The silver lining to the cloud was that it has in its own way helped humanity’s inexorable march towards greater progress.  I looked heavenward and said a short thank you prayer as I gazed at the clouds.

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2 Responses to Cloud Computing

  1. Lord Chaos says:

    I met this unwavering missionary on my way to Jerusalem is not in the land of Moses but in the Clouds…i dream of a Jerusalem which will be an Open Source of inspiration for all the Churches and mosques of all religions… till that time the state shall persecute all of us believers..till that time all the churches and mosques will ostracize us as they want to patent Jerusalem and christen it in their own name .while I march with Gandhian principle of non violence and non cooperation towards my jerusalem which shall be open to all… bearing the state persecution all along…but there is brewing an army of mercenaries which would Hack into states system and create chaos… and hack the heads off all security men the state installs..the state will come under double sided pressure of us open mined people and hacking mercenaries…the churches will need more datahouses to store their bible and reach out to preach out to the far off world…they all will one day turn to the clouds.. my Jerusalem… Ye Missionary..stay unwavered…

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