AT&T’s failed bid to buy T-Mobile*

Two beloved friends of mine, Atta Bell and T. Maybelline called off their engagement recently.

Atta and Maybelline had been seeing each other for some time. Maybelline is of German ethnicity. Her German parent seems to want out of the parenting relationship! That’s where Atta comes in. Atta comes from old money, the Bell family’s heritage is well known. The Bell family though has had more than its fair share of splits and happy re-unions. But that, as they say, is history and of little relevance to the issue at hand. Atta was in it for some worthy assets, which explains all the wooing. Atta needed the assets to better serve his brood who sometimes blame Atta for dropping the ball when it comes to serving them.

Atta and Maybelline’s union though faced stiff family resistance from big daddy Doj and big brother F. Sisi. In the end it was a trust issue really…or rather the anti-thesis of it. Doj insisted that he had to keep the interests of the family in mind – the entire brood of hundreds of millions. All these happy unions seem to come in the way of the brood’s options, doesn’t it?

Atta fought for almost 9 months to keep the future of their relationship alive. Atta boy! many said to Atta. But it sure proved to be too difficult to dodge Doj. It was tata to Atta’s relationship. There was some break-up alimony involved…..go figure! The break-up fee was a whopping $3 billion, not to mention important assets, all worth a cool billion.

So what options does Maybelline have? Some have suggested that if poor Maybelline isn’t courted by anybody she will turn into a zombie. Her afterlife prospects are poor because she isn’t ready for the high speed world to come. She doesn’t even have an Apple a day, which explains her present health. But ever the optimist I assured Maybelline that she would find a way. Some other suitor perhaps? Good friend Atta will also have to deal with this. In the meantime, Atta’s rival Veronica, also a friend of mine, has been creating waves by sealing the deal with many a cable cousins.

Whatever their future, we have all sworn to help our friends Atta, Maybelline, Veronica, Skippy and the rest.

*Views are personal

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2 Responses to AT&T’s failed bid to buy T-Mobile*

  1. Lord Chaos says:

    “There is more than that meets the eye…so the story goes…vengeance so old never dies… deep inside the fire grows…..”
    The story dates further long back….. a clash of two of the biggest and richest families of our times..which started years ago and continues till date …whose present day descendants u are friends with… yes my dear… Atta.. the one from Old Money…is great grandson of Sir Alexander Graham and Lady Bella. Now, it so happened, Alex, as he was so fondly known , was a true gentleman of modest means. Having fallen for the rich and aristocratic Bella, he worked very hard to find a way to communicate with the seemingly distant Bella. During the same time, the ever so aristocratic and incorrigibly brilliant Sir Thomas Edison, the leading man of ‘General Electorate’ – as their aristocratic family was known- having self proclaimed as choice de mass populace…also fell for the charming yet incommunicable Lady Bella. With his electrifying personality and a penchant of never giving up ( he failed a thousand times before he could light up with the idea of wooing Bella) , Sir Edison, set off on his Smithsonian pursuit of winning Lady Bella’s heart. Now, as these two gentleman came to know of each others preferences, one of the greatest rivalry the history shall hath witnessed started brewing…as luck would have it-the concept which many bollywood movies have already immortalized till the point of becoming a cliché, the man of lesser means Alex – guided by fate -stumbled upon someone else incomplete work in Gray scale, which he colored to perfection and found a way to communicate with Bella first, and win her heart, and they were united. Sir Alex, warded off many attempts from Sir Edison for destroying him, and finally succeeded. With many feathers in his hat, Sir Edison , the leading man of ‘General Electorate’….passed away…while Alex and Bella started making a fortune of their own…rivaling the General Electorate….but the burning desire of never-give-up and of 1000- failed- attempts fame, Sir Edison to communicate …to be able to speak out across all the cable and wires his heart… still lingered on………..A generation passed by..But, as they say…..”vengeance so old never dies…”
    Atta, the grandson of Alex and Bella, is first cousin of Veronica, who herself is the granddaughter of Sir Alex and Lady Bella.
    The events of forgotten past started to play out again….echoed in a mystery of unquenched vengeance…the mysterious masked abbot of General Electorate family, who goes by the name “Michael the Abbott” guided by spirit of Vengeance and to win back the lost honor, befriended both Veronica and Atta, unknown to the siblings estranged over issues of trust long ago.
    “There is more to the story that meets the eye…” To be the master of communication, to win back the lost family honor, the abbot in his own mysterious ways used Atta to win over Maybelline. When Atta failed, he has now turned to Veronica. Even if Veronica fails….a stilted whisper in the shadows would still echo….”a thousand attempt for one success… worth it so try ur might…and when u finally succeed…the darkness shall give in..and there shall be Light…”

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