Of debt and crises

As the debt crisis wears on, I considered imposing austerity measures on myself. All this easy money from working (an oxymoron?) has led to thoughtless spending. Then again I usually live within my means despite having an adorably overindulgent Dad cum Santa Claus. Occasionally, I give a thought to my college loan and my desire to be debt free. But I don’t dwell on the dough. It comes and vanishes. Emotions, on the other hand, are all consuming.

I used to feel distinctly uncomfortable carrying emotional debt. I felt like I was encashing the emotional bond which would cheapen it. But then I realized that emotional debt works on contrarian logic. It’s absurd to think such things were rational. Emotional debt doesn’t weaken bonds. Emotional debt doesn’t leave you obligated nor does it need collaterals. That is not to say one can default on gratitude.  I value the bond ever so deeply, more than all the greenbacks in the world, printed or soon to be, can ever buy.

 My creditors are so embarrassingly generous that the Greeks must be burning with envy. My darling creditors are ever so keen to lend a shoulder and an occasional hanky. My debt holders are ever so willing to respond to my panic calling/pinging at unearthly hours. They never bail out on me, they bail me out. Their interest level remains unchanged no matter how grossly bloated the debt.  You make me feel so treasured. You ease problems with easy advice which makes such a qualitative difference to my life. It’s a flight to the emotional safety of family and friends at the hint of trouble. Ooo…my treasuries …this is such a risk free emotional bond.  One must learn lessons from the past though – one must reign in one’s reckless emotional spending and be appropriately wary of subprime investments and opaque derivatives that blow up without warning, which in one’s defense were highly rated. Please forgive the mixing of metaphors of assorted economic crises.

 Crisis would be an absurdly inflated claim even metaphorically speaking. I don’t wanna cry wolf or bear for that matter. I’m ever bullish. They were more like minor corrections as you pointed them out to be, although it might well have seemed like a secular downward trend at that time. For Abe’s sake, this isn’t an indebted dukhi atma story. This is a reasonably happy atma reflecting on the need to address the deficit when it comes to being emotionally expressive. I am ever so bullish when it comes to your future, but Fed forbid in case of the occasional lows, you know who u can make that 3am call to. At the risk of sounding like your personal banker or an oily salesperson ……this post is all about how valued you are.

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5 Responses to Of debt and crises

  1. Smita says:


  2. Manasa says:

    Lovely writing; very nice blog! Cheers 🙂

  3. Satprem says:

    Worth a 3rd read

  4. Lord Chaos says:

    One of my favorites..brilliant!!…I Yield to the my rising interest in your blogs which in a distant way bonds me to the underlying I once was,,,as now am just a mere derivative striiped without security …swapping excuses for every default i make in life…such an atheist I have become..deep discounting all emotions and trust…a rat… a machine…a ticker…in search of my salvage value!

  5. Lord Chaos says:

    One of my favorites..brilliant!!…I Yield to my rising Interest in your blogs which in a distant way Bonds me to the Underlying I once was,,,as now am just a mere Derivative Stripped without Security …Swapping excuses for every Default i make in life…such an atheist I have become..Deep Discounting all emotions and trust…a rat… a machine…a ticker…in search of my Salvage value!

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